Julep Sofa
Julep Sofa
Julep Sofa

Julep Sofa

Julep Sofa. Gentle and embracing forms define this captivating range of upholstered furniture.

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Julep Sofa

Julep Sofa


product description

While primarily crafted for residential settings, the Julep seating options possess an inherent allure that extends their versatility to contract venues. Designed to enhance home decor, these inviting pieces effortlessly inspire a cozy and relaxing ambiance. Whether it's a peaceful evening in solitude or a lively gathering of friends and family, the Julep collection is sure to offer a delightful blend of comfort and style, catering to both personal and professional environments.

  • Dimensions: 210x113x73 (2 Seaters)
  • Height : 89cm
  • Width : 75cm
  • Depth : 50cm
  • Seating Height: 41.5cm

More Regular Size :

  • 2 Seaters: 180x104x67
  • 3 Seaters: 220x104x67

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